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Join a world of unparalleled speed with our lightning-fast, stable broadband, surpassing ADSL and mobile solutions.


Experience top-tier internet connectivity with our fiber services, outshining the competition in reliability.


Effortlessly embark on your fiber journey with our seamless guidance for a smooth transition.


Elevate your internet experience affordably—competitive prices delivering exceptional value.

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Infinity Broadband is an internet service provider only available on cutting-edge full fiber optic lines. Our services are currently available in Texas, Florida and the United Kingdom.

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"Better services and a cheaper price means happier customers"

Felix Gordon, CMO

At Infinity, we believe in a set of core values that guide us in everything we do. These values are the foundation of our culture and the driving force behind our success.

Integrity | Collaboration | Customer-Centric

Our values
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Are you managing a household with two, three, four, five, or perhaps a whopping eight individuals? Picture this: simultaneous streaming, downloading, working, and gaming—all happening at once. If this sounds familiar, you're well aware of the challenges. But fear not, because we have the ultimate solution! Welcome to faster broadband, where your connectivity worries become a thing of the past.

500 – 2000 mbps
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We currently offer our ISP services to residents in Texas, London and Berlin.

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Laura BrooksDallas

Infinity Broadband's 500 Mbps plan is like having a personal internet jet. Pages load in the blink of an eye, and videos play seamlessly. It's the need for speed, fulfilled!

Eve O'ConnorProduct Designer, Texas

As a content creator, Infinity Broadband's 2000 Mbps plan is my secret weapon. Uploads and downloads happen in an instant – it's like my ideas move at the speed of genius!

John EvansGamer, London

Gaming with Infinity Broadband's 1000 Mbps plan is a dream. No lags, just victories! I'm conquering digital worlds at the speed of light!

Jürgen AfflerbachMovie enthusiast, Berlin

Movie nights with Infinity Broadband are a cinematic delight. Buffering? Nonexistent! The 1000 Mbps plan turns every film into an immersive experience!

Felix GordonCMO, Infinity Broadband

Infinity Broadband isn't just an ISP; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Fast, reliable, and customer service that feels like a digital concierge. Infinity Broadband takes the internet to new heights!

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